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Ski resort Lachtal (1.600 - 2.220 m)

Ski pleasure in Lachtal The “Lachtal”, the second largest ski area in Styria, is one of 7 skiing-paradises in the Murauer area.

The ski area always has snow  and is both family friendly and affordable. There are 8 lifts, including one 6-chair lift with weather protection hood and leather heated seats as well as 29 km of groomed slopes from 1600m down to 2.222m ( don’t understand this one – does it go down to sea level or 2.222m above sea level – if so why not just write sea level? ) sea level. There is also a ski and snowboard school and a ski rental designed to make your ski vacation pure pleasure.

The slopes system, which covers about 140 hectares of land, provides each athlete, regardless of skill level with good conditions for an optimal skiing holiday and the slopes are never crowded due to the width. 

 There is also a 5-km cross-country skiing for Cross-country skiing at Lachtal. For ski and snowboard fun there is also the 1.5 km-long toboggan run, the ice rink with the ability to (don’t understand this one – what is a shoot floor?) shoot floor. Plus countless hiking trails

“Lachtal” for Kids

 At the “Lachtal” children have their own World. Adventure, games and fun in the snow. Indians playing, snowman building, slalom riding, swinging, tumbling. Plus climbing up and down the giant slide which is full of mystery: the magic lift, which is not a real lift, or is it?

Ski lifts:

  • Button lift : 7

  • Two-seater chair lift : 1

Ski resort information:

  • Altitude 1600 - 2222 m

  • Total length of ski trails : 33 km

  • Level of difficulty of the ski slopes : intermediate

  • Cross-country trails : 5 km

  • Ski school for adults

  • Relatively demanding paths 20000 m

  • Demanding paths 2000 m

  • Undemanding paths 11000 m









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